Heller Levinson: “from hands this guitar”

from hands this guitar


arc funding utter

       — libretto arch

[11/29/08   107 Broadway


    Joe Giglio/John Stowell]

attack                settle

scrum ambush volley          rivulet rue

the fire next time

scatting Satin Doll press Blakey roll Blasts careen cylindrical pistol bricolage pops                   

                                                                      lambent tango reed sustain Satie drips

                                                                                            serried ruminants

rapid fire ascension transportationals                  seaweed drift skirt folds meditation moss

                                                                                                        ferrying breakwater

                     b(g)lade s(t)urf runner c(g)lad (light)ning breather

          {Lesion:  the fifth string of Joe’s Forshage Clownfish Ergonomic and the first string of John’s SoloEtte quit their guitars.  The players remark, are non-plussed.  The strings tangle and cavort.  Divide and sub-divide – four strings, eight, sixteen, form into hands, shadow the player’s hands, elongate into pure fingers, imagine music without fingers, champion fingers – recollect – eight, four, two:  Music is a collectivizing and divisionalizing of tones.   Can there be an occupation with no occupier?  The absence on the fretboard.  Coming to this absence.  With aptitude, with ammunition.  Migrating this space to purly allocatives ravenous with gypsy garish whorl dress churn.  Session:  the strings return –enlivened from exploring the prehistory of sound — settle & attune.}


                      The Hand is a meditation upon design.


                               Embraceable You

                               four handed lunge

                         white Percherons carriaging tune

                              embracing a tune

                              embarking upon a tune

                                    — tune-full         full-filling

tune                  attune-ment           adjustment ://: augment


perfervid robust lasso leaps spur placement perfidy city boulder mass transversible pasta breach

                                                             succor carousels … pink flamingos

carpentry Camargue stallions

                                   (rouse) ambulan(ce)t ruse

                    {the spine connects the brain to nerves in the hand}

Pollock splash Klein swipes                           El Greco     Picasso

                                                                                 Blue Guitar

                                                                         Rothko pastel sleights


                  thi(e)s(e) hand(s)            thi(e)s(e) guitar(s)



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