Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

hurly burly   PoptabtapRapa’boomboom boundwound zippery blare saw buzzardry

buzz churn chomp coil blaster


puissance         push        power           (-) fully                        loaded

loadfully          loading                        amassment ://: dispersal

                                  — disburse

                                        — burst


                                                     — bust out

moil roil burble boil blizzardry bloom

to go forth, violently, — to be sent, a banish, …  to will, … a vanish, erasement


to arise, extend, blast unfurl unfold up/out of,              taproots

                — go forth —                                                        wellings

in the going forth

congregations (chorus lines, batteries) pre-date, gather/assemble/accumulate 

the materials/ingredients out of which/through –>fuelings  actions  accruals , agitations   

coagulation, agencies commingling, causal commontionery

(boardside bombinant bombard bazaar

   bomb(s) away    bluster bristling blurt brood-bound cylindrically combustive

saltation smote

     lurch-ridings      carousel flexions           dungeon press

                 depth charge                    density flush


the eruption confiscates the erupting & commits it to the hurl

    — erupting consecrated

void ambushed by collectivity


congealment concussing

convexity spasms