Felino Soriano: Verified Renditions

Verified Renditions 6

Occultation resistant window
-mouthed verbs
connotation motive toward explanatory anger, —aged
fulcrum against morbid gravity’s aggregated
phrased as feathered

gamut held riches realizing poverty of tongue
dictates passive assembly of covering

death of day’s organic species’ analytical anxiety.

Verified Renditions 7

Cloaked by degradation by demise of
hope on outlook’s human sphere
dexterity requiring                    mannerism to spar with

proper expectation the body becomes an acclimation-machine. As
dreams decimate lavender expectations

expected span-livid existences live then live aware          outside the expected nuances

gradating then honoring specialized recoveries                      positioning self within softened

misery absconding following fluid dichotomy of

exacerbated rivalries amid corporeal dissatisfaction.

Verified Renditions 8

Face of her hidden face
facing (somewhat silhouette)

fabricated nuances of paint, toner, lining eye and tool of spoken


Verified Renditions 9

Invited we’ll
become beyond guests but witnesses

bond of mechanical ring s
looped chasms relegating mouth into mouth thus
breath becoming aligned satiation
body-end body similes
ascertaining wed as metaphoric cultural
elemental inclusion.

Verified Renditions 10

After sight exited
modular circumference of human improvisation
death initiated halo visitation
curled crown of
italicized light
held hand of an eye’s meandering interpretation.
And of age
revolving annual mirrors, obnubilated thus vaguely clear
wrinkle of a moment’s passive analyzing
more than the
we of becoming connected flesh or tissue physiology—

Verified Renditions 11

Peril the immoral claim
calamity jury misleading vulture of
harm’s monovular manufacture. She
disdained as steps of a crime’s multilayered
legend. Purpose of smile recreating rage each
serial frame frame frame acknowledged
by the hacks of indiscretionary prose.
Whom of the orators realize engendered
echoes, perform of the acrobatic disposition
each or staggered each hearsay
disrupting for moments beyond culture’s
popular absurdity.

Verified Renditions 12

Moth of broken orange
dust of incorporated feeling

stalking rain of noon’s warmest

Verified Renditions 13

Speech as splintered logic
pierces jabs juxtaposing personal
dereliction. An obvious error
thought to conjure fabrication
aspects of a temporal unification.
The of love persuasion dictates
dialectic’s rather mirror of
intoxication; tremor forces a
single level beyond sufficient
redelivered frisson.

Verified Renditions 14

Rain upon my county of lifted light.
You verb through fog’s diction
finding rhythm torn as

redefines verbal acquisitions
accompanying fear and forgotten
freedom belonging beyond curfew
of arrival’s misleading definition.

Verified Renditions 15

Motion of birds’ blending recovery: quoting asymmetrical hanging
founding forward thought of conjured suppositions, are (they?). Between
populations (artists, emblems, personal pageantries) sufficient reenactments
release prejudice’s sermon’s among glances at architectural markings
amid tattoos, textures, anecdotal badinage.

Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974) is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In 2010, he was chosen for the Gertrude Stein “rose” prize for creativity in poetry from Wilderness House Literary Review. Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to various idioms of jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences. For information, including his 46 print and electronic collections of poetry, over 2,900 published poems, interviews, and editorships, please visit his website: http://www.felinoasoriano.info.