So Much Depends on the Hinge, Part 2: An Interview with Heller Levinson

Jared: In your last response, you mention that Hinge would be able to encapsulate everything from athletics to home cookery. That caught my eye. So far, we’ve talked about Hinge in very abstract/theoretical terms, but is it also a strategy for navigating through everyday life? An attitude, a frame of mind, more than a poetics? Is Hinge seeking to bridge that life-art gap?

 Heller:  For the past five years, I’ve been visited (as in visitation) by language springing with mutuality, beneficence, congregation, mobility, liveliness, curiosity, enterprise, expansionism, & reverence.  I also describe these years as a 5-year 7-month pregnancy.

Your question is profoundly prescient because just 3 weeks ago I began employing Hinge Strategies for “navigating through everyday life.”  The answer, then, to your question is “yes.”  How the “yes” is a “yes,” I will explore, with the caveat that it’s all so newly arriving that I’m not sure I can do it justice.

You will remember, Jared, that in our first interview – and the same would have applied a month ago — I expressed a disdain for biography.  I thought it the province of lower-order, trite-minded, applause-greedy, narcissists who could respond seriously to questions such as, “Do you have a writing schedule?”

A recent reunion after a 3 month break from my beloved has changed all that.  After reuniting, a tense situation arose between us, & I found that Hinge was extremely effective in orienting us toward a more productive, more enriching, more Loving approach.  (I’d like to signal “approach” as an area to investigate.)  So I am transforming from a hyper-private, semi-paranoid, hands-off-the-autobiographical stuff, into a balls-out, tell-all -confessionist.  Why?  Because Hinge demands it, as your question indicates.  My personal likes/dislikes, inclinations & prejudices, are immaterial in the light of Hinge Furtherance.

I will share an e-mail which I trust will illustrate Hinge Strategy In Action.

Background:  Mary was stressing from losing a renter and not regaining a replacement fast enough to sustain her relatively newly-purchased home.  I had distanced myself from her purchase of the home — I am uncomfortable with “ownership” — & told her from the get-go, she’d be on her own, don’t come to me for help.  The first medicinality was to examine why I had erected this artificial boundary.  Was I putting my beloved on trial?  She would have to prove herself?  Justify her purchase?  I was just going to sit on the sidelines with my arms folded in mock “I told you so” mode.  This no longer struck me as a rich posture for breeding Deep Intimacy.  Instead, I was Rupturing partnership, participation, & Intercourse because I had erected a static Division.  I changed my position & offered to rent the rooms to use as a weekend writing studio.  I asked Mary to be responsible for readying “my rooms” which, I did not realize at the time, put additional pressure on her already overloaded schedule.  From her point of view, she had suddenly acquired a third job.  Identifying this “Blockage” served to initiate a more prospering Hinge-To-Ward Her.  The e-mail:

Darling Mary,

I noticed “tensions” arising between us re:  the Heller rooms.

My thoughts:

1.  We go to marriage counseling


2.  We employ Hinge Therapy

I choose Hinge Therapy.

At this point, it is necessary to Re-Wind.  Why did Heller pay for the rooms in advance?  To Relieve Mary of Pressure, of Stress, so she could spend her time more Profitably, that energy going to her writing or some other area that was Productive, i.e., NON — Stressful.  By providing an Income Stream in advance, hoping to secure Security for her, it would also relieve her of Dealing with a foreign personality and the Stress of Worrying if it would work out.  The grand Design was all Pro Mary, to Further Her, Nutrition Her.

For Heller, it meant a)  Primarily taking care of his Honey’s concerns, and b) relieving Him of the stress of an Additional Personality, providing more private, romantic time for him and Mary.

What happened?  A number of things:  1.  Heller, gluttonously, under our toxic cultural conditioning, basked in having a City and Country Writing Studio, the Country Squire, his Very Own Studio Space in the Country.  2.  Mary and Heller thought it best to keep it a Business Relationship. — Wrong Wrong Wrong.  Let us De-Toxify.

We are not business partners, we are Lovers.  I want that space to be Our space, not MY space; I want it for US to enjoy, and since Mary is working there, at the present time anyway, more than Heller, who comes to relax and share time with his Cherished One, it is She who should employ the Work Space with the Preferred Light, it is She who should arrange the spaces that would most Profit her, . . . Heller initiated his “funding” to please Mary, to make her more Happy and Joyous, and that is the Focus I am now regaining. I am far more Interested in Intercoursing with Mary in Pruning practice than worrying about Spatial considerations.

Of course, I enjoy offering my tastes, opinions, ideas, & sharing together, . . . but I want it to be Mary’s Choices, … I started this for Her Gratifications and that is where this will end.  As of Now!

To Remark:

How immediate, spontaneously, and without Hesitancy, the WALLS erect/go up.

How much more Consideration, Meditation,  how much More CARE is required to bring them down.

With deep deep and deepening CARE & LOVE,


I hope the e-mail illustrates how by first identifying the Blockage, & then seeking to eradicate/abolish/deconstruct that stance with Vital Circulation/Hinge-Throughs/Good Hygiene, a more rewarding Intimacy emerges. The e-mail was well appreciated by Mary & we deepened.

Dishing myself up as the sacrificial lab mouse, it is informative to note my transformation from our first interview, where my “aversion to the strictly personal” had me camouflaged as a Navy Seal specializing in Far East Intelligence to now, where I’m actually baring to the bone, or the bedroom, one might say.  I find it salient to share this — much as I hate having to expose myself — because I am now experiencing how Hinge is beginning to Shape/Lead/Alter Me.

For the first five years I feel I was immersed in Serving/Developing Hinge Theory.  Now I feel that Hinge is working on me, striving to shape/Fit me into the Ether it has achieved.  It is a strange concept that a creation can, in turn, turn around & begin to Create its Creator.  Since it is happening to & upon me, it doesn’t strike the “bizarre” note so much as it does the Miraculous, the Marvelous, the Sacred-Providential.

Lest this sound too new-age/hippy-dippy/artsy-fartsy/whacko Mystical, keep in mind that we have the proof, the skinny, the goods.  We have the material Evidence in all the applications, in the FRC’s, in the Fusion Reconnoiters, in the Intercourses with other Artists, it all Works.  We walk our talk.  This is not just “abstract/theoretical” babble because the Effectiveness of Hinge Theory is illustrated in the ongoing Work/Creation.  Talking about Hinge can distract us from the fact that we have profound evidence of its Effective Functionality.

What needs to be done is to study the Work, come to see how it behaves, & utilize it as a Medicinal Template, a Hygienic Paradigm.  Applying  elasticity, being in-service to the Particle, the notion of Mobilization/Densification/Complementarity & Extensionality to your everyday concerns, might assist you in Prospering your everyday life.

Drifting to home decorating, I will now note another incident which Reverberates Hinge Atmosphere.  [Your use of the word “encapsulate” would be antithetical to the Hinge Spirit since H releases/mobilizes/vivifies/liquefies —  expands & does Not compress.]  When Mary moved into her new home, the one tenet we agreed upon was not to make hasty decisions in terms of what belonged there & what didn’t, that each item admitted to the home must be Strenuously Precise, In Harmony, or Abandoned.  The first time I visited since our reunion, Mary showed me a lamp she had purchased for the living room.  I was stunned.  It was better than precise.  It was a Rarity.  Not only did it “serve” the room, it enhanced it, . . . Illumined in the truest sense.  She told me it cost $15.00, . . . I knew it to be priceless.  The Lamp looms so pregnantly in the Hinge Landscape that I am currently treating it as a Placement.[1]  A similar revelation was experienced when Mary introduce me to gardening one afternoon.  As primarily a city dweller, gardening had meant walking two blocks to the local florist & dishing out your credit card.  Digging, planting, turning the earth with your hands & fingers, Placing the plant for the appropriate sunlight for where the roots would best exfoliate, considering the watering, the height & configuration of the plant & how it coterminated with others, all the scrutinies involved brought to mind the considerations at work in an application.  I see that one can approach practices such as gardening as a Hingeful Discipline:  revealing Hinge Convergencies, Off-Shoots/Swells, . . . Tributarial Compoundments.  Nothing isolated.

There are further examples, but I think the message is clear:  Hinge is Ever-Present, & Omni-Pariticipatory, not some Monopoly gobbling up & “encapsulating” in any narrow Corporate-Minded sense, but an Invisible Hygienic Vitalistic Radiation underlying a planet currently besmirched by rampant & pernicious commercialism.

I am considering notions such as:  can a Universe breed from an Insight?  Are Universes operative because of Insight?  What would a Universe be like Void of Insight?  What is Art if not Insight?  Why is Insight Non-Spellable?  Is Hinge an Insight Sales Team?

The next part of your question:  Is Hinge “an attitude, a frame of mind, more than a poetics?”

First off, Hinge is not Hierarchical, it isn’t more or less than anything.  As has been pointed out, it is its own Integrally Universal Wholeness.  But I would certainly agree that an attitude, a frame of mind, evolves for anyone who spends any time practicing &/or studying Hinge.  It is unavoidable.  I have just finished illustrating this by showcasing my own conversion from being overly privatized to now offering disclosure.  I woke up this morning caught in the clutch of your question — “an attitude, a frame of mind,” to which I added, because I thought it was in your question, . . .  approach.  I thought I remembered that as an area I had signaled for further investigation, & sure enough I had, & although not directly embedded in your question, it certainly lies there.  I will spend a little time on this because it represents Hinge in action.  How significant is “attitude” to “approach?”  How does attitude differ from approach?  What elements in approach are not to be found in attitude?  Consider approach & outcome:  effects upon, balances/imbalances, equatables, what manner of ://:.[2]  Approach as a Determinant of Outcome.  Do Discrete Discriminations produce Determinates?  Note how Fundamental Approach is to hunting & fishing skills, to agriculture, to interpersonal skills, to improvisation, to dressage, to tango.  Future projects for Heller:  “in the mold of approach this fire,” “with approach this stalwart,” “from approach this ambidexterity,” “approach like amplitudinous skins,” “approach in the fawn of  Bedouin dawns,” “approach dawning in antediluvian storm,” “approach perfervid like annunciatory rash,” “upon parliamentary intrusion approach announces desultory as the law of the land,” etc.  We have, then, prepared to fertilize “approach” through an FRC treatment which, in turn, should provide us with a more Intimate, Enlivened, Respectful, Informed, Mobilized, Deepened, Inhalation of the word “approach.”

In the same tone, I would have to answer “Is Hinge seeking to bridge the life-art gap” by saying that Hinge isn’t “seeking” anything.  It is rather that we are seeking to understand Hinge.  Its tenets.  Its magic.  Its Multiordinality.  It is We who are Uncovering/Un-Hiddening all that has been clogged, suffocated, & maligned.  Reading D.H. Lawrence’s Apocalypse clues us into the Sumerian Intimacy with their Universe, their Connectedness, their Oneness, seemingly so less Alienated than we are today from our surroundings despite, or because of, all our sophisticated gadgetry.  And certainly, Yes, Hinge does Not admit of any life-art gap.  Gaps are man-made suppressants inadmissible in a Universe of Flow-Through Explosively Radicalized Fully-Extensional Reproductive-Minded Exuberances.

[1] For explanation see from stone this running.

[2] see fstr for “cogitation upon ://:”