Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

That decision for FM was the most cheap, jerk, like 1853
Cold what?
Don’t baby me, post office, or President Drag-the-Paper
We serve the merchant’s sophistication
So Ohio this vocal, seen-career!
Up the clocks
Working united for the awful Kong
Chief, and for one ring!
Rise y’self, think back
And do what?
Don’t go to Statesmen
If it’s boogalo you’re after
Gimme 1855, party, rules
Weather the mind, say opposed residents
Such a slow lot!
Even Lincoln influenced critics
Movie in, it’s used.
Family hours
And never my place
Take out Clement, the phony Vallandigham
Get to knuckle work, strongly elected dollars
Gimme civil connections say Ohioans
Learn Eskimo dollars, face the last editor, economic Columbus
Party in the Indian sun and stop the crazy English ambassador
Pounding power and pence and bringing, especially, slow war