Fraught Energies: Heller Levinson’s Wrack Lariat

Available online here: (Amazon too). An episodic epic. A chain of odes to the process of transformation. Incantations meant to summon no gods, but only energies. Poems masquerading as electron-swarms. Heller Levinson’s Wrack Lariat is all of these things and more. It is safe to say that no other poet writes like Levinson. I … Continue reading Fraught Energies: Heller Levinson’s Wrack Lariat

“Empty Drawings”- A Collaboration Betwixt Linda Lynch and Heller Levinson

    1 tantamounts                talk committee [bracket orphans hesitancies lush audibility 11 plus              flush subtraction r   e   m   a   i   n   s 111 drawing empty:    drawing out, withdrawal , extrude empty drawing:   a pull in(halation),   an invitation pulley-in(g) muffled lace

So Much Depends on the Hinge, Part 3: Heller Levinson Interview

Jared: I’ve noticed for some time that you have been proposing Hinge as an antidote to what you dub, “rampant and pernicious commercialism.” How could Hinge help move us beyond capitalist modes of life?  Heller:  The simplistic answer is:  By providing more enriching (i.e., Nutritious) options. First we need to identify the problem before we can understand … Continue reading So Much Depends on the Hinge, Part 3: Heller Levinson Interview

So Much Depends on the Hinge, Part 2: An Interview with Heller Levinson

Jared: In your last response, you mention that Hinge would be able to encapsulate everything from athletics to home cookery. That caught my eye. So far, we’ve talked about Hinge in very abstract/theoretical terms, but is it also a strategy for navigating through everyday life? An attitude, a frame of mind, more than a poetics? … Continue reading So Much Depends on the Hinge, Part 2: An Interview with Heller Levinson

So Much Depends on the Hinge: Heller Levinson Interview, Part 1

 Heller Levinson’s just-released from stone this running contains little stone, but much running. Readers will observe a poetry that runs, marathons, leaps, surges, and pirouettes across the page. The poems seem to squiggle and transform before one’s very eyes. It’s the latest manifestation of Levinson’s Hinge project, a fascinating approach to the arts: Jared: You previously described … Continue reading So Much Depends on the Hinge: Heller Levinson Interview, Part 1

Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

hurly burly   PoptabtapRapa’boomboom boundwound zippery blare saw buzzardry buzz churn chomp coil blaster zithersslitherroutereachmonstrositycrushfactor puissance         push        power           (-) fully                        loaded loadfully          loading                        amassment ://: dispersal                                   — disburse                                         — burst                                                –bust                                                      — bust out moil roil burble boil blizzardry bloom to go forth, violently, — to be sent, a banish, …  to … Continue reading Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

Heller Levinson- “Horse”

Horse the digits cobbling                                     clubbing the hoof corral peristalsis hooves of crepitant this surge    these leggy prancers    these scrupulous gymnasts throaty upon the earth most noble animal sprig nymph                Godiva shareholder first lute master choir of mighty gallopers sing rearing peals of skyscrape thrall the trot that establishes then oozes gallop Pegasus Bucephalus … Continue reading Heller Levinson- “Horse”

Heller Levinson- “Cymbalology”

Cymbalology (for Anke L. Nolting   Zildjean           Sabian             Meinl               Wuhan metallurgical crash cousins synoptic palimony           circumlocu-navihabitational thinnest of instruments           sound resounding bound round         clown sound pound down clown round      pound pound     ping     a-ling Samba sound   Rock    Mambo   Hop   Night In Tunisia sound go round round           around bound              circu-larity       cymbal-solidarity cymbal-hilarity            cymbal celerity cymbal-sizzle … Continue reading Heller Levinson- “Cymbalology”

No Rust on These Hinges: A Heller Levinson Interview

No Rust on These Hinges: Heller Levinson & Hinge Theory Jared: In ten words or less, can you describe Hinge? How is Hinge different from other methods of poetry-fashioning? James: Cool, Jared, let’s rip … Well, part of the beauty of Hinge Theory is that I always say it is non-reducible, — i.e.  non-shelvable, commodifiable, … Continue reading No Rust on These Hinges: A Heller Levinson Interview

Heller Levinson- “from hands this guitar”

from hands this guitar                                            arc funding utter        — libretto arch [11/29/08   107 Broadway            Guitarists     Joe Giglio/John Stowell] attack                settle scrum ambush volley          rivulet rue the fire next time scatting Satin Doll press Blakey roll Blasts careen cylindrical pistol bricolage pops                                                                                          lambent tango reed sustain Satie drips                                                                                             serried ruminants rapid … Continue reading Heller Levinson- “from hands this guitar”