Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

That decision for FM was the most cheap, jerk, like 1853 Cold what? Don’t baby me, post office, or President Drag-the-Paper We serve the merchant’s sophistication So Ohio this vocal, seen-career! Up the clocks Working united for the awful Kong Chief, and for one ring! Rise y’self, think back And do what? Don’t go to… Continue reading Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

Erick Piller: “A Normal Feeling Comes”

Lately I have always felt so happy about my feelings. My mental life resembles an impressive tower and below it a thicket and a bulging knoll. Every tragedy of late seems only half wrought. I tell myself, Dear Diary, I have many important feelings and would like to express them. Then a gnome appears on… Continue reading Erick Piller: “A Normal Feeling Comes”

Iain Britton: “blue on black”

they live in walls announce their intentions set themselves up as domestic servants movie-star       rejects sickness beneficiaries they infiltrate my loosely-veined philosophy hands       hang from the ceiling smooth /          calloused manipulative ## an oiliness softens the touch to protect the archival value of two people moving in unison ## seagulls shit            dump… Continue reading Iain Britton: “blue on black”

Joseph Mulligan: “One Sentence of Tungsten: Translating Vallejo’s Prose”

The opening sentence of César Vallejo’s social realist novel El tungsteno reads: “Dueña, por fin, la empresa norteamericana “Mining Society”, de las minas de tungsteno de Quivilca, en el departamento del Cuzco, la gerencia de Nueva York dispuso dar comienzo inmediatamente a la extracción del mineral.” The precariousness of rendering these lines in English may… Continue reading Joseph Mulligan: “One Sentence of Tungsten: Translating Vallejo’s Prose”

Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 2

 Heller Levinson's just-released from stone this running contains little stone, but much running. Readers will observe a poetry that runs, marathons, leaps, surges, and pirouettes across the page. The poems seem to squiggle and transform before one's very eyes. It's the latest manifestation of Levinson's Hinge project, a fascinating approach to the arts: Bug: You previously described… Continue reading Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 2

Interview: Wayne Marshall

In our fast-paced globalizing, loco translocal world, new musics are birthing themselves at an astonishing rate: reggaeton, bhangra, jungle, bubbling, tribal guarachero, funk carioca, etc. And these musics aren’t staying put either. They’re circulating around the planet, both following the geographic paths of their diasporic creators and spreading through social media networks. We’re not dealing… Continue reading Interview: Wayne Marshall