Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 2

 Heller Levinson's just-released from stone this running contains little stone, but much running. Readers will observe a poetry that runs, marathons, leaps, surges, and pirouettes across the page. The poems seem to squiggle and transform before one's very eyes. It's the latest manifestation of Levinson's Hinge project, a fascinating approach to the arts: Bug: You previously described… Continue reading Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 2


Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 1

No Rust on These Hinges: Heller Levinson & Hinge Theory Bug: In ten words or less, can you describe Hinge? How is Hinge different from other methods of poetry-fashioning? James: Cool, let's rip ... Well, part of the beauty of Hinge Theory is that I always say it is non-reducible, -- i.e.  non-shelvable, commodifiable, label-able. … Continue reading Interview: Heller Levinson, Round 1