Molly Weigel: Oliverio Girondo Translations

Oliverio Girondo has to be one of the most baffling poets of twentieth-century Latin American modernism. Among English readers, his works do not have the name recognition of Neruda, Borges, Vallejo, Paz, or Martí. Yet this Argentine word-slinger provides some intoxicating abstractions in a language that resembles an alien life-form bursting out of vaguely Spanish words. This… Continue reading Molly Weigel: Oliverio Girondo Translations

Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi: Alejandra Pizarnik Translations

Tree of Diana Translated by Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi March 10, 2011 New Paltz, New York – Buenos Aires, Argentina jwmulligan at gmail dot com patriciasrossi at gmail dot com   INTRODUCTION   Tree of Diana by Alejandra Pizarnik. (Chem.): verbal crystallization by amalgamation of passionate insomnia & meridian lucidity in a solution of… Continue reading Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi: Alejandra Pizarnik Translations

Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

That decision for FM was the most cheap, jerk, like 1853 Cold what? Don’t baby me, post office, or President Drag-the-Paper We serve the merchant’s sophistication So Ohio this vocal, seen-career! Up the clocks Working united for the awful Kong Chief, and for one ring! Rise y’self, think back And do what? Don’t go to… Continue reading Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

Iain Britton: “blue on black”

they live in walls announce their intentions set themselves up as domestic servants movie-star       rejects sickness beneficiaries they infiltrate my loosely-veined philosophy hands       hang from the ceiling smooth /          calloused manipulative ## an oiliness softens the touch to protect the archival value of two people moving in unison ## seagulls shit            dump… Continue reading Iain Britton: “blue on black”

Neil Ellman: “Suprematism. Soccer Player in the Fourth Dimension”

(after the painting by Kazimir Malevich) in the second then third nothing of a star //nobody//    //no one// keeping goal for a minor team in a minor constellation deep black holes swallow themselves becoming squares       rectangles angular flight intent on its own simplicity in the fourth then     fifth     sixth     seventh chaos redeems itself shapes flatten… Continue reading Neil Ellman: “Suprematism. Soccer Player in the Fourth Dimension”