Molly Weigel: Oliverio Girondo Translations

Oliverio Girondo has to be one of the most baffling poets of twentieth-century Latin American modernism. Among English readers, his works do not have the name recognition of Neruda, Borges, Vallejo, Paz, or Martí. Yet this Argentine word-slinger provides some intoxicating abstractions in a language that resembles an alien life-form bursting out of vaguely Spanish words. This… Continue reading Molly Weigel: Oliverio Girondo Translations


Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi: Alejandra Pizarnik Translations

Tree of Diana Translated by Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi March 10, 2011 New Paltz, New York – Buenos Aires, Argentina jwmulligan at gmail dot com patriciasrossi at gmail dot com   INTRODUCTION   Tree of Diana by Alejandra Pizarnik. (Chem.): verbal crystallization by amalgamation of passionate insomnia & meridian lucidity in a solution of… Continue reading Joseph Mulligan & Patricia Rossi: Alejandra Pizarnik Translations

Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”

That decision for FM was the most cheap, jerk, like 1853 Cold what? Don’t baby me, post office, or President Drag-the-Paper We serve the merchant’s sophistication So Ohio this vocal, seen-career! Up the clocks Working united for the awful Kong Chief, and for one ring! Rise y’self, think back And do what? Don’t go to… Continue reading Tim Keane: “Senator Cox and Joe Strummer Duet, Tompkins Square Park”