Linda Lynch & Heller Levinson: “Empty Drawings”

    1 tantamounts                talk committee [bracket orphans hesitancies lush audibility 11 plus              flush subtraction r   e   m   a   i   n   s 111 drawing empty:    drawing out, withdrawal , extrude empty drawing:   a pull in(halation),   an invitation pulley-in(g) muffled lace


Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

hurly burly   PoptabtapRapa'boomboom boundwound zippery blare saw buzzardry buzz churn chomp coil blaster zithersslitherroutereachmonstrositycrushfactor puissance         push        power           (-) fully                        loaded loadfully          loading                        amassment ://: dispersal                                   -- disburse                                         -- burst                                                --bust                                                      -- bust out moil roil burble boil blizzardry bloom to go forth, violently, -- to be sent, a banish, ...  to… Continue reading Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

Heller Levinson: “Horse”

Horse the digits cobbling clubbing the hoof corral peristalsis hooves of crepitant this surge    these leggy prancers    these scrupulous gymnasts throaty upon the earth most noble animal sprig nymph                Godiva shareholder first lute master choir of mighty gallopers sing rearing peals of skyscrape thrall the trot that establishes then oozes gallop Pegasus Bucephalus Trigger… Continue reading Heller Levinson: “Horse”

Heller Levinson: “Cymbalology”

Cymbalology (for Anke L. Nolting   Zildjean           Sabian             Meinl               Wuhan metallurgical crash cousins synoptic palimony           circumlocu-navihabitational thinnest of instruments           sound resounding bound round         clown sound pound down clown round      pound pound     ping     a-ling Samba sound   Rock    Mambo   Hop   Night In Tunisia sound go round round           around bound              circu-larity       cymbal-solidarity cymbal-hilarity            cymbal celerity cymbal-sizzle… Continue reading Heller Levinson: “Cymbalology”

Heller Levinson: “from hands this guitar”

from hands this guitar                                            arc funding utter        -- libretto arch [11/29/08   107 Broadway            Guitarists     Joe Giglio/John Stowell] attack                settle scrum ambush volley          rivulet rue the fire next time scatting Satin Doll press Blakey roll Blasts careen cylindrical pistol bricolage pops                                                                                          lambent tango reed sustain Satie drips                                                                                             serried ruminants rapid… Continue reading Heller Levinson: “from hands this guitar”