Iain Britton: “blue on black”

they live in walls announce their intentions set themselves up as domestic servants movie-star       rejects sickness beneficiaries they infiltrate my loosely-veined philosophy hands       hang from the ceiling smooth /          calloused manipulative ## an oiliness softens the touch to protect the archival value of two people moving in unison ## seagulls shit            dump… Continue reading Iain Britton: “blue on black”

Linda Lynch & Heller Levinson: “Empty Drawings”

    1 tantamounts                talk committee [bracket orphans hesitancies lush audibility 11 plus              flush subtraction r   e   m   a   i   n   s 111 drawing empty:    drawing out, withdrawal , extrude empty drawing:   a pull in(halation),   an invitation pulley-in(g) muffled lace

Neil Ellman: “Suprematism. Soccer Player in the Fourth Dimension”

(after the painting by Kazimir Malevich) in the second then third nothing of a star //nobody//    //no one// keeping goal for a minor team in a minor constellation deep black holes swallow themselves becoming squares       rectangles angular flight intent on its own simplicity in the fourth then     fifth     sixth     seventh chaos redeems itself shapes flatten… Continue reading Neil Ellman: “Suprematism. Soccer Player in the Fourth Dimension”

Clayton Eshleman: “A Yuan Master”

University of Michigan Museum   Rocks rounded, lozenge- contoured, coiled as if roped, dropped out of paradise’s asshole, huddling, caterpillar-lank loops, plop of a rock, thrasher-alive, fist-sure, as if shit could swell with pride * Is that spirit, or inscape’s abscess? Traces of the god whose eyes are testicles in the coiling whips of rivers?… Continue reading Clayton Eshleman: “A Yuan Master”

Felino Soriano: Verified Renditions

Verified Renditions 6 Occultation resistant window open -mouthed verbs connotation motive toward explanatory anger, —aged fulcrum against morbid gravity’s aggregated light phrased as feathered interpretations gamut held riches realizing poverty of tongue dictates passive assembly of covering death of day’s organic species’ analytical anxiety. Verified Renditions 7 Cloaked by degradation by demise of hope on… Continue reading Felino Soriano: Verified Renditions