Felino Soriano- “Various Tessellations 34”

after Edgar Allan Poe’s quote, “There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm.”


                                      Apparent language disguises corporeal functionality.

                          Tongue gauges

voluminous indentations, spatial excitement of flame and

undisturbed frequency of elongated wishings.


Iain Britton- “pidgin peace meal”

                the man


in feathers


shuts his eyes          squats


amongst jacaranda fallout


         drinks cold tea /


               forgets to speak up /        as if his beginning


had its faults in a syllabic nod


in the screwed-up mechanism of a missing tomorrow




he spills daylight


                 steps on bones


                       washes his feet / my feet


          blackens my shoes / whitens my face


for the photographer

at the gate




I tick all the right boxes


check names              tickets           


                the red and blue ribbons

the winners of categories   


                I cross out others          with heads tucked into chests


convinced every fast-food supper is their last /     every scrap of blue sky /    

field of lupins /     every girl washed by the sea /            




the man


             paints a tree


                  a hot pool of mud


                      a gap where  molecules breed



he pushes me into blurred possibilities


where cargo-cult customers line up


             to dismember old myths



flying nuns grab at wasted prayers


               the city




                   on the edge of a steaming oven



                          I read a book


    see for myself how characters are hung out to dry


               and how they live



the heat

                  is in the language

                                   in the breathing fragments 




my favourite pastime


    is watching my neighbour


                through a hole in the fence


                         dance       birdlike


                                     into a thanksgiving heap



                       he offers cold tea


                            to whoever he thinks is thirsty


                                 whoever’s hungry



he speaks to a snapshot


a face in a face


                      he’s cracked and marred


                              by three score years


                                    of  sucking


                                     on the smell


                                     of an oily rag



he lives in a drought-stricken room


shifts occasionally


a collage of grafted hybrids


                   sends out mixed signals


               of what branch


            what fruit


       what tugs the belly



why wait for this flawed human product


to track amongst last year’s residue



    I bypass today’s callers


            meeting outside


 staring in

Clayton Eshleman- “A Yuan Master”

University of Michigan Museum


Rocks rounded, lozenge-

contoured, coiled

as if roped,

dropped out of paradise’s asshole,

huddling, caterpillar-lank loops,

plop of a rock,

thrasher-alive, fist-sure, as if

shit could swell

with pride


Is that spirit,

or inscape’s abscess?

Traces of the god whose eyes are testicles in

the coiling whips of rivers?

As if Diana of Ephesus, bored with her platoon of breasts

gave birth to

a cactus

with breast-mimicking spines.

Felino Soriano- Verified Renditions

Verified Renditions 6

Occultation resistant window
           -mouthed verbs
connotation motive toward explanatory anger, —aged
fulcrum against morbid gravity’s aggregated
phrased as feathered

gamut held riches realizing poverty of tongue
dictates passive assembly of covering

death of day’s organic species’ analytical anxiety.

Verified Renditions 7

Cloaked by degradation by demise of
hope on outlook’s human sphere
dexterity requiring                    mannerism to spar with

proper expectation the body becomes an acclimation-machine. As
dreams decimate lavender expectations

expected span-livid existences live then live aware          outside the expected nuances

gradating then honoring specialized recoveries                      positioning self within softened

misery absconding following fluid dichotomy of

exacerbated rivalries amid corporeal dissatisfaction.

Verified Renditions 8

Face of her hidden face
facing (somewhat silhouette)

fabricated nuances of paint, toner, lining eye and tool of spoken


Verified Renditions 9

Invited we’ll
become beyond guests but witnesses

bond of mechanical ring s
looped chasms relegating mouth into mouth thus
breath becoming aligned satiation
body-end body similes
ascertaining wed as metaphoric cultural
           elemental inclusion.

Verified Renditions 10

After sight exited
modular circumference of human improvisation
                                        death initiated halo visitation
curled crown of
italicized light
held hand of an eye’s meandering interpretation.
And of age
revolving annual mirrors, obnubilated thus vaguely clear
wrinkle of a moment’s passive analyzing
                more than the
we of becoming connected flesh or tissue physiology—

Verified Renditions 11

Peril the immoral claim
calamity jury misleading vulture of
harm’s monovular manufacture. She
disdained as steps of a crime’s multilayered
legend. Purpose of smile recreating rage each
serial frame frame frame acknowledged
by the hacks of indiscretionary prose.
Whom of the orators realize engendered
echoes, perform of the acrobatic disposition
each or staggered each hearsay
disrupting for moments beyond culture’s
popular absurdity.

Verified Renditions 12

Moth of broken orange
              dust of incorporated feeling

                                stalking rain of noon’s warmest

Verified Renditions 13

Speech as splintered logic
pierces jabs juxtaposing personal
dereliction. An obvious error
thought to conjure fabrication
aspects of a temporal unification.
The of love persuasion dictates
dialectic’s rather mirror of
intoxication; tremor forces a
single level beyond sufficient
redelivered frisson.

Verified Renditions 14

Rain upon my county of lifted light.
You verb through fog’s diction
finding rhythm torn as

redefines verbal acquisitions
accompanying fear and forgotten
freedom belonging beyond curfew
of arrival’s misleading definition.

Verified Renditions 15

Motion of birds’ blending recovery: quoting asymmetrical hanging
founding forward thought of conjured suppositions, are (they?). Between
populations (artists, emblems, personal pageantries) sufficient reenactments
release prejudice’s sermon’s among glances at architectural markings
amid tattoos, textures, anecdotal badinage.

Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974) is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In 2010, he was chosen for the Gertrude Stein “rose” prize for creativity in poetry from Wilderness House Literary Review. Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to various idioms of jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences. For information, including his 46 print and electronic collections of poetry, over 2,900 published poems, interviews, and editorships, please visit his website: http://www.felinoasoriano.info.

Bill Piper- “SongLine 62: Jellyfish Cavafy”


as the men of the backward

Aegean cusp, or base of the Mediterranean

bowl, as Hannibal, as Antony, as founding Alexander

                               breathe out of statuary, out of hieroglyphic space            (kestrals, Horus,

dive out of sycamores

–as David Bowie’s Johnny,

they see right through–

as once ice melt & caving earth Palau

left salt water pockets, lacustrine, undrained, & jellyfish

lift as from a

                   Lawrence Welk champagne machine in bloomers, gills

on strands hanging under them southern belles,

                                                           or crystallizing gems

on dangling strands of mucous

–cave life, Cavafy life—

(sycamores, Nut,

pulsing high flotation bells, or heads where algae gather as

an instant, vacillating

in lacuna between sun & flesh

                             (green lichen dust flushed over buttery limbs–

the algae photosynthesizing

in jellyfish bells in Palau, same species as ocean carnivore

in here impiscid waters, now attenuate


out of encephalid algae from

these dulcet arcs of sun across

salt water ponds left 10,000 years…(slate,

                                                               hover & dive…   kestral, whose brick

breast & black hook

of mustache is already through

in anaerobic darkness,

                                     the jellyfish down

in pink & toxic slime to feed

their algae, like Ra,

with him in him through him, Nut

to embody & carry…

                                     or Cavafy


the ideal men of Punic time

into his own Egyptian air, warriors

gone sublime—imagination

& proximate flesh

trade & hover across lacunae


                                      in canoe opened up

like cunt, say Isis, Nut,

Aphrodite of algae & animal plasm

                                                   & sun-fed sweetness: dulcet, solivorous–

the gills & dangling bloomers of

Hermetic transformation

Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

hurly burly   PoptabtapRapa’boomboom boundwound zippery blare saw buzzardry

buzz churn chomp coil blaster


puissance         push        power           (-) fully                        loaded

loadfully          loading                        amassment ://: dispersal

                                  — disburse

                                        — burst


                                                     — bust out

moil roil burble boil blizzardry bloom

to go forth, violently, — to be sent, a banish, …  to will, … a vanish, erasement


to arise, extend, blast unfurl unfold up/out of,              taproots

                — go forth —                                                        wellings

in the going forth

congregations (chorus lines, batteries) pre-date, gather/assemble/accumulate 

the materials/ingredients out of which/through –>fuelings  actions  accruals , agitations   

coagulation, agencies commingling, causal commontionery

(boardside bombinant bombard bazaar

   bomb(s) away    bluster bristling blurt brood-bound cylindrically combustive

saltation smote

     lurch-ridings      carousel flexions           dungeon press

                 depth charge                    density flush


the eruption confiscates the erupting & commits it to the hurl

    — erupting consecrated

void ambushed by collectivity


congealment concussing

convexity spasms

Heller Levinson- “Horse”


the digits cobbling

                                    clubbing the hoof corral


hooves of crepitant

this surge    these leggy prancers    these scrupulous gymnasts throaty upon the earth

most noble animal

sprig nymph                Godiva shareholder

first lute master

choir of mighty gallopers


rearing peals of skyscrape thrall

the trot that establishes then oozes gallop






Man O’ War


Hi Yo Silver

harness is a construction for intimacy

strapless intimacies, …  amassments

            Horse is one of the few marveloulsy muscled , airily coursing animals that doesn’t want to eat you.

to cantilever the stirrup a time of reprieval and renewal

saddle up


loosed in the ecumenical corral these nuzzlings:

Xenophon says, in his The Art of Horsemanship:  “And in his frame, the first things which I say you ought to look at are his feet.”

Eohippus[1]  piano-ing the earth, to play upon the earth as if  you were tickling your beating heart beneath it, to spectate that …

the individually segregated congregating to hoof, a clopped ensemble, can support more mass, now percussive, more of a striking instrument,

fingers, … fist/club

support is an instance of mass

 piggyback the man

Virilio writes:  “Man is the passenger of woman, not only at the time of his birth, but also during their sexual relations….  Paraphrasing Samuel Butler, we could say that the female is the means that the male found to reproduce himself, that is to say, to come to the world.  In this sense, woman is the first means of transportation for the species, its very first vehicle, the second would be the horse with the enigma of the coupling of dissimilar bodies fitted out for the migration, the common voyage.”

From this, we seek to explore the phenomenology of man’s initial dismount from his primary vehicle, to mounting his secondary.

dismount … dissolution?

is the desire to mount the horse, this more steeply alterior body, an erotic ilmpulse, an impulse to exotic.  What does the exotic offer?  Is each serial vehicle – woman[2], horse, train, automobile, airplane – an additional erotic encounter?

range of motion           explicities

idea hopping – abstraction mounts?


mount(ing), … here

to bring forth               covering

to cover,   on top of …

climb upon, to en-counter       voicings

the over and under    attaching

attach-ments                the cling to

umbilical soundings    to further

to go


in an ensemble (to assemble)

erasing the self in this act of twinning

romance bridles//strapped intimacies

the support bra

support and port

demiurge         the urge to move is the urge to extinguish where you are


wheel, …         rotation,

 go round & round, to

& away from      rubbering to jointure   dis-

misses here delivers there

proximity legislator

campaign manager

reeling cartographer

to mount the horse to mount the machine is to breakthrough the borderline, it is to trace oneself out of the isolate self, it is a gesture toward Alterior Organization …

“As a species, horses could not have survived without human intervention.  Humans could not have created wealth-generating (and, for that matter, leisure) opportunities that come with large cities without horses.  As the perceptive 1881 New York Times editorial observed, ‘Deprived of their human servitors, the horses would quickly perish; deprived of their equine servitors, the human population in cities … would soon be in straits of distress.’”[3]

Horse is bridge, is root splurging through sinew, is a sienna siren strophing the curvatures of an outsourcing periphery sonata, is the declamation in foetal bounding, the orchestral lightning spraying through the forelegs of a rearing defiance …

“Among the Scythians, when a leader died, his horses were killed & buried with him.  The expectation was that they would be re-animated to serve the dead man in the after life.”


stallion black heaves from the stable cuckold-winds toss manefuls kicks & furies prows vertical lavades to erring Jezebels – converyors of halters grooms stables whips saddles coachmen riding crops all manner of tack rupture annihilative – the landscape grows cumulous sinewy, voluptuous mares trot from the forest, the black glee grows, pony stallions squeeze from his monumental shoulders, the de-humanization is vast & good, it is sound, pools of union flutter the tribe, there is intercourse & pawings ….


& horse looked unto man & saw that man was puny & would need speed, elevation, & haulers, saw that they could provide man with horsepower (33,000 foot pounds of work per minute) & great diversion & prove a showpiece & companion & understood that man could be good & could care for horse & would mitigate a great many perils that might befall in the wild & horse considered long & mightily & chose man to groom him & feed him & to tutor him in the dance … & man undertook horse & prospered & to this day no other animal summons the monies that horse does ….

[1] Eohippus or Hyracotherium, the earliest believed ancestor of the horse.  “They had four toes on their front feet and three toes on their hind feet.  Each toe ended in a separate small hoof.  Large, tough pads similar to those on a dog’s foot kept the toes off the gorund,  These pads bore the animal’s weight.”  The text is exploring the ancestral telluric sensitivity prior to the padded toe evolving into the more hardened hoof.

[2]   Woman/man is meant to be used interchangeably with no gender pronouncements – other than child-bearing – intended.

[3] Clay McShane and Joel A. Tarr, The Horse In The City:  Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century (Baltimore:  TheJohnHopkinsUniversity Press, 2007), 178.