Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”

hurly burly   PoptabtapRapa'boomboom boundwound zippery blare saw buzzardry buzz churn chomp coil blaster zithersslitherroutereachmonstrositycrushfactor puissance         push        power           (-) fully                        loaded loadfully          loading                        amassment ://: dispersal                                   -- disburse                                         -- burst                                                --bust                                                      -- bust out moil roil burble boil blizzardry bloom to go forth, violently, -- to be sent, a banish, ...  to… Continue reading Heller Levinson & Linda Lynch- “lines erupting”


Interview: Horst Haack

In the glossy & colorful March/April 2011 issue of Art Actuel, there is much for the eye to feast upon. However, amidst the retinal smorgasbord & “innovative” brouhaha, there are four full page spreads, featuring 22x17 cm. square upon 22x17 cm. square of human bodies morphing full-on mutant against a dense multilingual curtain of text.… Continue reading Interview: Horst Haack

Heller Levinson: “Horse”

Horse the digits cobbling clubbing the hoof corral peristalsis hooves of crepitant this surge    these leggy prancers    these scrupulous gymnasts throaty upon the earth most noble animal sprig nymph                Godiva shareholder first lute master choir of mighty gallopers sing rearing peals of skyscrape thrall the trot that establishes then oozes gallop Pegasus Bucephalus Trigger… Continue reading Heller Levinson: “Horse”

Clayton Eshleman: “Munch Dissolves”

Munch Dissolves Something is always congealing,   seeking group strata,   full wet skirt, Gaudi in the cornerless sense of it, Munch’s benders,   released of starch, but   of fixation, opening the locks on afterlife    death    this life pooling,   deboning the polarities, poling with Charon in blood azure “I came into the world as a sick being—in sick… Continue reading Clayton Eshleman: “Munch Dissolves”

Lily Cho: “Recipe for a Super Villain”

Before beginning, ambitious alchemist, you must design your supervillain on paper. Define his or her appearance, style of dress and proportions. Include any accessories and weapons. 1 fluid oz. cyanide (death dealing properties) 1 wooden mannequin of desired size (transubstantiation) 3 dead crows (darkness, intelligence, scavenger) 2 pomegranates (possessiveness) 5 anarchy symbols (impossible schemes) 4 apples (corruptibility) 0.666… Continue reading Lily Cho: “Recipe for a Super Villain”

Clayton Eshleman & A. James Arnold: Aimé Césaire Translation

Horse For Pierre Loeb My horse stumbles over skulls hopscotched in rust my horse rears in a storm of clouds which are putrefactions of shipwrecked flesh my horse neighs in the fine rain of roses and sentiments that my blood creates in the scenery of the street fairs my horse stumbles over the clumps of… Continue reading Clayton Eshleman & A. James Arnold: Aimé Césaire Translation